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a friendship

Andrea Casotti’s concept is an exciting freestyle, the personal accumulations of a nuclear engineer who is also a visionary, a street artist and a perfumer: a chameleon-like explorer who employs dynamics, colours and the ingredients of his fragrance house with talent to reproduce a vibrant synthesis of widely different universes in every one of his creations.

  • Our creative journey is rich with talented partnerships and explorations of all kinds of different universes.

andrea casotti


our stories

  • Mohammed Abu Nashi CEO at NAHIR, Oud Hunter

    A Co-founder of The House of Oud, True Saudi, Oud hunter, Artisan of Gold & Wood, and almost of all a producer of Jakarta oud.

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    • Maurizio Cerizza Maître Perfumer

      “The perfumier is essentially an artist who has to use his raw materials, just like a painter uses colours and a musician uses notes: first by imaging the combinations, then by creating them”.

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      • Cristian Calabrò Perfumer

        If I had to choose a famous quotation to summarise my work, I’d choose this one by Arthur Schnitzler: “The three criteria of a work of art: harmony, intensity, continuity”.

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        • KayOne Graffiti Writer

          One of the very first Italian Graffiti Writers, born in 1972, has began painting in the street in 1988 at the age of 15.

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