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The Crop 2021 is dressed in gold, a gold touch worthy of the most famous pastry chefs, to celebrate the most precious composition of The House of Oud collections. A meticulous search for ingredients, to obtain a blend composed of the finest cocoa bean and as a distinctive sign, the best freshly harvested Oud, reserved for the Crop and kept in the safes by Mohammed Abu Nashi. Mohammed Abu Nashi has selected the finest Oud Kalimantan for Crop 2021, with woody and soft qualities, to enrich this Blend with exceptional character.


The package is simply stunning, gold and dark brown, a sculpture that will make any shop window sparkle. 987 hand-painted and numbered glass bottles have been produced in 2021 and certified with a guarantee of authenticity.


Olfactive notes: Gourmand, Woody, Oriental

Crop 2019 stands out for the exotic coconut notes in a daring but still tied blend. An unexpected union where the sweet coconut notes and the luxury elegance of the exquisite Oud merge to create a blend of sensual contrasts. A unique elixir which synthesizes the balances of nature, a mixture of gifts contained in a single fragrance, limited to 250 pieces.

Crop 2018 has been presented exclusively at the 2018 edition of TFWA, the French week dedicated to excellence, in numbered bottles featuring an inimitable texture, dedicated to collectors and lovers of fragrances rich in history and passion. An infusion which never fails to surprise in virtue of the harmony which nature bestows upon us, a masterful blend of notes, a triumph of the finest ingredients harvested last year, a precious and unique vintage of Mohammed Nashi, co-founder of The House of Oud.



This olfactory signature aims to emphasize seduction and charm, it is an elegant fragrance which is the perfect ode to the strength of Palo Santo and Oud, contained in 347 unique bottles certified with a guarantee of authenticity.



To mark the TFWA 2017, the House of Oud has launched the latest Crop 2017 fragrance, a fantastic opportunity to admire a masterpiece that’s only available in a limited edition of 547 numbered pieces. In 2017, the gourmand aniseed note of liquorice is the star of the piece.

Just as every batch is unique, never the same from one year to the next, so these fragrances, too, are always original and inimitable.
The House of Oud has so far produced two limited editions of the Crop Collection: 250 bottles in 2016 and 547 in 2017.
The result of a skilful distillation of ingredients is the ultimate expression of the care that is paid to raw materials and of the quest for a seal of excellence as the consequence of the value of Oud.

Every year, a selection of the finest quality of Oud is set aside as a record of the season that generated it: it is from this selection that the CROP Collection, a tribute to the purest Oud, is made.
The CROP Collection fragrances are 100% natural and are created by distilling a blend of ingredients of the highest quality. It is important to stress that these pieces are exclusive and limited in number: their quantities are dictated by the amount of Oud available in the batch.



The House of Oud 2016 collection is enriched by a unique product, selected and numbered in a limited edition: there are only 250 bottles of CROP, each with its own certificate of guarantee that sets the seal on the fruit of the previous year’s finest raw materials harvest. Crop 2016 has a dominant green aroma of mint, a very fresh note.

The art of savoir faire and the finest of raw materials blend together into the perfect alchemy of the Crop Collection.

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