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The shade cast by the boughs of a cypress tree brings a moment of relief and refreshes the soul. The symbol of eternity and of feminine beauty lends itself to painting the purest of bonds between man and woman, be that woman a daughter, a companion or a friend. A surprising watercolour tones down the forces of the most luxuriant nature with the delicacy of infinity, gilded and shining bright. The time of confidences passes by in nature’s embrace, walking slowly in the shade of a row of green cypresses.
CYPRESS SHADE is the refuge of an eternal bond.

eau de parfum (75ml)


Lemon, Bergamot, Badiane, Mandarin


Petit-grain, Mimosa, Coriander, Mint


Cedar wood from Madagascar, Vetiver, Irian Oud

olfactory family

Secret Floral, Woody

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