emerald green perfume

“Emerald Green, first elegant, intimate, exclusive and profound olfactory creation of Royal Stones collection”

After the success of the exclusive fragrances for Harrods, The House of Oud chooses to narrate the olfactory beauty of the land across the Channel. Royal Stones collection, jewels captured in sparkling bottles, inspired by the British Royal family. Elegant and intriguing olfactory creations, resplendent gems into the selective perfumery.

The iconic hand painted bottles of The House of Oud will remind us through colour of the multifaceted nature of precious gems. The storytelling will be inspired by the Crown Jewels, the Royal family and its numerous anecdotes, captivating tales from years ago, linked to objects of inestimable value. A journey through British history, which the Royal Stones collection will make us relive through elegant and intriguing olfactory creations, resplendent gems in selective perfumery.

emerald green perfume


The olfactory creation of The House of Oud takes us back to the glorious Victorian Age, thanks to the celebration of the extraordinary emerald parure exclusively commissioned by Albert, Prince Consort, for Queen Victoria. These precious stones, intense green in colour and dedicated to the goddess Venus, have always represented the harmony and beauty of nature. Prince Albert could not have chosen a more refined jewel for the Queen, a gift bursting with love, style, symbolism and magnificence, just like Emerald Green, the new, elegant, intimate, exclusive and profound olfactory creation. Emerald Green is presented in an original, entirely hand made bottle. Intense and bright emerald green symbolises the convergence of the past, rooted in strong origins, and the present, guided by the precious gem, emerald.

eau de parfum (75ml – 7ml)


Bloody Orange, Tangerine, Pink Pepper, Bergamot


Jasmine, Cardamom, Fresh Ginger


White Musk, Patchouli, Amber Gris

Olfactory family

Sophisticated Chypre


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