• An uncontainable flow of emotions. Until infinity.


Thrilled, cross-fertilized, conquered by the voices and melodies. Genuine poetry for all our senses. THoO accompanies us in the discovery of emotions, putting the privileged spectators of a closed-door performance at the centre. Thus was born Neverending, the new THoO fragrance, bewitching and magnetic. An olfactory creation that will take us far away, to another dimension.

Neverending will be able to transport the interlocutor into a modern, powerful universe that will tell us about Listening. “The talented voice, it spreads, the familiar melodies contaminate the air and all around us everything stands still, silent, the magic of the tones has enchanted us. A full silence. We breathe in the vibrations, savouring the highs and lows in their infinite facets. Grateful we find in the olfactory notes of Neverending this solemn, intimate, sublime occasion. The flow of emotions does not stop, nor does the pleasure of listening to this new fragrance. Enraptured by talent and stimulating olfactory notes, we are the real protagonists and the third fragrance dedicated to the voice gives us the privilege of living this moment intensely. Until infinity.

Neverending, with its hypnotic atmospheres, is an olfactory transcription that absorbs us and transports us far away. Enraptured by the voices of the famous protagonists of THoO’s latest olfactory creations, Neverending will give us the ecstasy of an unrepeatable moment.

The brilliant and young perfumer Douglas Morel has translated this new THoO tale perfectly with his contemporary vision of the ingredients “The Listening took me on a journey far away, reaching to the moon. The emotions are varied. Vulnerability because I am in a dangerous, cold, without oxygen and full of dust, this is why I thought about the spices like cumin, nutmeg and black pepper in combination with dry smoky woods like guaiac wood, cedar wood and cypriol. But at the opposite you have a perfect view on Earth which gives wonder and happiness, it’s a cocoon, it’s home, the reason why I used floral notes like Tuberose, some musks and a hint of citrus notes.”

Olfactory Pyramid

Neverending fragrance opens with a disruptive Pink Grapefruit intertwined with intriguing notes of Nutmeg and other Warm Spices. Radiant Light Tuberose and fleshy Jasmine are embraced by a provocative Suede accord. An oriental touch of Black Vanilla and Precious Amber warm the base and give an incredible touch of sensuality.

eau de parfum (75ml)


Pink Grapefruit, Nutmeg, Warm Spices, Black Pepper, Cumin


Light Tuberose, Jasmine, Suede Accord


Black Vanilla, Cypriol, Guaiac Wood, Precious Amber, Modern Musks, Virgina Cedarwood

Olfactory family

Lighting Leather


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