“Red Storm, the magic of the desert blows over London and the sky blushes red with surprise.”

With this unique fragrance, nature itself is thrown into the spotlight. Capable of transporting the magic of the red sand of the Sahara up into the skies above London and of sending rubies to the planet Kepler-2b, 1.040 light years away, nature is the ultimate force.



The magic of the desert blows over London and the sky blushes red with surprise. A break appears in the clouds and fear is transformed into emotion. Everything stops: man contemplates nature and its endless power. The colours of the Sahara reach uncharted latitudes and its sands turns spaces on their heads. Gravity relinquishes its force, to be captured by our own and other solar systems.
RED STORM is an anthem to the creative power of nature, to its ability to give rise to the unexpected. Paying tribute to the spectacle generated in the skies over London by hurricane Ophelia, THE HOUSE OF OUD once again tells the tale of the enchantment of the desert which began with its Desert Collection. This time it does so with a thousand nuances of red.

eau de parfum (75ml)


Fresh Ginger, Tangerine


Ginger Blossom, Ylang-Ylang, Tuberose


Candied Ginger, Vanilla, Woody Notes, Musk

Olfactory family

Oriental, Flowery


Maurizio Cerizza

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