• THE TIME is a moment, a fleeting instant of presence, of awareness within ourselves. It is the lucid consciousness of living ourselves and of intensely experiencing a moment that we share with the most authentic, profound part of ourselves. To which we offer care and respect, in a ritual rich with gratitude, like the Japanese tea preparation ceremony.
    THE TIME sets its inner clock to 5 in the afternoon and that’s where it slows down: silence spins the minutes out and instils a sense of security. Time tightens its grip and allows us the luxury of observing how things flow, in a profound understanding of events both within us and without.
    THE TIME is time for ourselves. Time that lasts an instant, a day or a whole lifetime.


This composition is an invitation to practise introspection: the prelude is Bergamot in an accord with Camomile and the calm of Wormwood, whose warm, woody note shields and reassures. Blue Tea, Iris and Verbena are the throbs of a heart that does not mark the passing of time, but expands it to infinity, wrapping us in a dimension of care and respect. With the expressive force of Cedarwood, Musks and Amber, the base receives the precious, dynamising notes of Black Tea.

eau de parfum (75ml)


Bergamot, Wormwood, Blue Camomile


Blue Tea, Iris, Verbena


Cedarwood, Musks, Amber, Black Tea

Olfactory family

Peaceful floral


Cristian CalabrĂ²

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