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Wonderly is a point of view. It is everything exceptional that is narrated by the desert as the snow falls to the ground. Your eyes open wide. You catch your breath. Gravity seems to be suspended, while amazement, rapture and wonder spread out in reaction to an event so rare and to the awareness that even just being allowed to experience it is a great gift. Just as in a unique, unexpected and completely unpredictable moment, magic takes shape in front of your very eyes, overwhelming you with its rare beauty.
Nothing is impossible. The unexpected can happen.

eau de parfum (75ml)


Goji berry, Apricot


African neroli, Almond flower, Sambac jasmine


Virginia cedarwood, concrete Italian iris, Mysore sandalwood,Myrrh from Sinai, Cosmone, Madagascar vanilla, Yemeni incense

Olfactory family

Oriental, Woody

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