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THoO is the new collection from THE HOUSE OF OUD, constituting its artistic exploration.


fter the latitudes of the Desert Day Collection and the geometries of the Klem Garden, THE HOUSE OF OUD is now bursting out of line and blending life, experience and inspiration together to generate a narrative of the future and its verve, projecting infinite lines of synapses between painting, street art and thinking. These new fragrances from THoO speak to us about material, the present, unexpected bouquets, eclectic cross-fertilisations and accords with hitherto unexplored raw materials. Creative sensitivity overcomes the force of gravity exerted by established roles, plunging into life chances and bearing with it, on its skin, drops of enthusiasm and the frisson of adventure.

Time, itself so generous with details, is what inspired the first three THoO fragrances, which owe their origins to a creative interaction between Maurizio Cerizza and Cristian Calabrò, who captured three moments: “Just Before”, “Right Now” and “From Now On”. These compositions encapsulate three magical moments of mankind’s life and express them in ways that go beyond words and cultures, using a universal language: the emotion of perfume.

The moment when we fall in love escapes the confines of time and traditions and is something we all share: it is unpredictable.

Something unique for every human being, something that defies being explained in mere words.
The moment when we shut ourselves off from the outside world to think and collect our ideas is something that has belonged to mankind even longer than it has to religions.
The spark that lights up an idea is common to all the arts and actually surpasses them: it is a flash that lasts a microsecond, yet is capable of illuminating an entire lifetime.
THoO aims to sing an anthem to these moments and to perfume’s ability to tell their stories. The perfumiers Andrea Casotti, Maurizio Cerizza and Cristian Calabrò have shaped unusual raw materials, drawing their inspiration from the fleeting passing of time. THoO’s new fragrances describe personal moments that, in actual fact, we all share.

“Life is change: nothing stands still”, says the master perfumier Maurizio Cerizza, inspired by how places and events can change to create his own idea of a fragrance that crystallises time.

“I always live in the present, because it is the only moment that can truly be experienced”, opines the perfumier Cristian Calabrò, who has encapsulated his personal concept of time in the new THoO fragrances.

“I am often asked why I want to create fragrances. I think they are the only things capable of capturing those moments that are worth a lifetime and storing them in our memories”, Andrea Casotti concludes.

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