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THoO | From earth to the sky.

Aspiration, seduction and fusion for a new chapter.


HoO starts from scratch: from travel, from its very essence, together with two talented opera singers, for a new and exclusive artistic crossfertilization. All in the name of an ambitious project: the creation of primary works and successfully merging them together. The new fragrances Up to the Moon and Get the Feeling emerge as two protagonists; their fusion has generated the olfactory challenge of THoO.
Original works by the master perfumers Maurizio Cerizza, Carlo Ribero and Cristian CalabrĂ² authors of a perfect script, the olfactory synthesis of emotions carried on the notes of two enchanting voices.

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A new beginning inspired by two, which for THoO will be many things inspired by synergy and complicity, like the duo Nino Machaidze and Guido Loconsolo, a sublime symbiosis of souls, talent and impetuous independence of both protagonists.

The result? Different, intense fragrances which exude distinctive personality, like those who inspired them, generating new nuances when worn together.

The empathetic notes which capture us in Up to the Moon, thanks to acute and vibrant notes. Wings laden with vital energy take us up to the moon, on a fantastical and sublime journey. Lower and deeper tones in Get the Feeling which lightly brush against our emotive chords and rouse us, thanks to the mellow voice of a globe-trotting baritone who takes us with him on an intimate journey towards the most suggestive destinations laden with memories, a fragrance whose intense soul warms us.

THoO, our idea of artistic perfumery, contaminates every place, it is a journey from the land to the sky, taking with it those looking to discover and breathe the richness of the world.

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