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Grape Pearls


It is the song of life and the positive energy that vibrates within.

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Floral velvety bouquet
Frozen Blueberry


Grapes Pearls and Leaves
Coffee Bean


White Musk
Kalimantan Oud

Olfactory Family

Ethereal, Fruity, Musk


Andrea Casotti

About Grape Pearls

When the wind blows and thrusts open the doors of autumn, the smell of ripe grapes is carried afar, entrancing our senses with its sweet perfume and the perfection of its pearls. Juicy grapes are elegantly laid on a velvety petals and frozen blueberries. A fragrance that tells an enchanted story. on a sumptuous table, the broad vine leaves support redundant and voluptuous roses. The aromatic coffee beans sliding down on a precious amber. Vanilla and white musk enhance the precious notes of Kalimantan oud to celebrate a magical fragrance.
Cristian Calabrò

“The three criteria of a work of art: harmony, intensity, continuity”.

Feat. Cristian Calabrò, Perfumer

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