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“let’s eat fragrances!
the experience that will involve all your senses”

A workshop that offers its guests a different experience, to expand on the personal idea of listening to a fragrance.


stimulating, creative, engaging exercise, in which the only protagonists are the public and their senses. Starting out from the three new products created by THoO, the contemporary art direction of The House of Oud, this interactive meeting is based on the principle of combining edible raw materials with the ingredients used to make up the accords.

An experiential workshop where art meets method, to add a new dimension of pleasure to the beauty of a perfume.

The challenge accepted by Andrea Casotti (CEO of CFF) and Cristian Calabrò (perfumier with CFF), building on their extensive knowledge of raw materials, tends to decompose and recompose a fragrance in the form of an original olfactory narrative written by food-grade raw materials.

The many sensations that ingredients stimulate in nature gave the perfumiers the idea of organizing an unusual tasting session, whose aim is to reproduce a fragrance’s olfactory notes by tasting certain food-grade raw materials that are paired skillfully with the perfume itself.

Bologna, may 26th – 3.30 – 4.30 | conference | events room

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