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his story

“The three criteria of a work of art: harmony, intensity, continuity”.

I draw inspiration from all my passions, painting, music, cinema and literature: that’s where I find images and settings that I can then transform into olfactory ‘suggestions’. I imagine, explore and search for new raw materials and accords to achieve the most exact interpretation of what excites me.
My fragrances sometimes start to come about from stimuli that I find in everyday life, for example my passion for Asian cuisine, which encourages me to try out new accords. I believe that references, ideas and notes related to that world can be found in many of my creations. It is my curiosity that induced me to expand my personal ‘library’ of raw materials.
I love my work,because it gives me a chance to get to know unusual ingredients, to elaborate sophisticated elements, to express my fantasy and to leave a souvenir of myself in every fragrance.