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her story

“I let the silence invades me and then it happens that visual poetry emerges, white on white.”

Domitilla is an Italian emerging artist & sound healer therapist.
She is a specialist about design and communication and since 1996 she pioneered the field of digital creativity,
bringing value of recognized consideration to the world of the web as we know and use it today.
Since then, she moved quickly into a deep path of self consciousness, from which the result has been of acquiring great knowledge of the potentiality of Being Human, which she loves to share and spread throughout her artistic path to everybody who has the same approach to her path of Harmony and Beauty, which involves her Self, the Others’ and the Connection with Planet Earth.
She lives in Rome, works in Milan and watch the globe as much as she can.

Born in Rome in 1973, she graduated in Milan as Graphic Designer in 1996, with some of the best Italian professors and showed at once her attitude to explore new projects, embracing the way of Interaction Design and founding Project Ekidna, a collective research project which got awards and publications. She worked as interactive designer freelance in Milan and London, and from 2004 to 2014 Domitilla founded her own multidisciplinary studio (Ekidna Design Bureau), focused on consulting directly to clients and blu-chip agencies, and also dedicated few years to teaching web design in the Academy where she graduated.
In 2011, after her father’s death for cancer, Domitilla felt uncomfortable in her job and started to increase self-consciousness of well-being in order to heal many aspects of her life, and graduated in Sound Healing with harmonic frequencies. She then abandoned technology in order to get back to inner creativity as a path to Consciousness, and that’s how her artistic path began: in 2013, she sporadically investigated the carving of paper (read full story in her blog), passing from large figurative pieces to smaller ones with abstract themes, and at the end of 2014 she finally felt that the technique started to flow.
She understood the cruciality of this creative expression and devoted herself to this work only in May 2016, when she became aware of being an Artist, in the significance that ancient cultures gave to this word, which means being in the presence of the Inner Self,
in the unique moment, when putting aside all expectations, it makes possible to channel a flow of special energy that reflects the subconscious – that in Domitilla’s case it means incredibly beautiful miniature bas-reliefs, making every sculpted piece a surprise even for herself. Being inspired art, created in real time in meditative state, every piece is unique and unrepeatable, and she reckons that the secret of the Beauty that it expresses is that they hold harmonic paths, made visible by spiral shapes in the paper, and carving is only another manner to play harmonic frequencies.
In 2017 she moved her peculiar innovative scultping technique from paper to porcelain, and in 2019 she pushed her art to an higher level by including people into a process of co-creation (the HEARTBEAT – Multiple Collective work of Art), proposing a new format of performing art (ritual Opening of the Art) which involves her sculpted porcelain artworks, 21 peoples to break their fragility thoughtout the porcelain, and her capacity as harmonic frequencies’ channel.
In 2017 she started a collaboration with American studio Area Environment to produce wallpaper with the photographs of her most harmonic pieces, whose three-dimsional optical effect reached enthousiastic results.