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his story

“Ce que l’on fait avec le temps, le temps le respecte.”

Someone who had a great impact in my perfumer life was using a lot this quotation from Auguste Rodin: “What we do over time, time respects.” And it’s important to build a solid base with time to be sure that what will happen next will stay stable and solid.

“As far as I can remember, odours always had a huge impact in my life. At first I wanted to be a Chef, I was cooking with my dad and I showed me what was cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon , pepper and more other ingredients. But after reflection, I was more attracted by smell than taste!
I had the chance with my family to travel a lot in my childhood and living experiences that a few of my age have seen. When we went in 1999 in Syria and Lebanon, the freshly grounded cardamom in Damascus Bazaar is probably one of my more intense smelling memories. Each of my journeys are a visual and smelling memory: Marrakech with the Cedarwood Atlas used as decoration in Riad, Muscat in Oman with the smell of incense, Firenze with the smell of orange blossom in Giardino Bardini in May, … I had the chance to travel to Coimbatore in India, to see some Jasmin Sambac and tuberose. Travel, food and movies have a great impact on my imagination. When I watch a movie, most of the time, I’m asking myself “what would be the olfactory atmosphere in that scene. And sometimes you don’t want to know what are the suggestions in my head.”