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her story

Ksenia Penkina is a young, passionate and experienced Pastry Professional based in Vancouver, Canada.

Receiving her degree in Switzerland, she continued to develop her passion and knowledge for Patisserie. Along her journey, she learned from the most respected Pastry Chefs and Schools around the globe. Being artistic, analytical and organized, she has been transforming this knowledge into unique approach with a personal, magical touch. Even today Ksenia does not stop learning and striving to develop herself, constantly educating her palette, skills and techniques. Mainly focusing on the inside world of the dessert, understanding of the chemistry behind it, and a process of product integration.

Ksenia’s famous Mirror Glazed cakes with multiple colors and effects has been taking over the internet, nominating her with a shiny title “Glazing Queen”. Ksenia comments: “People would know me for my glazing style and I am highly attentive to it. I must say, glazing is my favourite part. However, the most important part is the cake itself.” Ksenia is passionate about contributing and sharing her mastery, illustrating her vision to individuals around the world. Creating one of a kind teaching concept uniquely designed to bring the professional knowledge to any person who enjoys baking. The success of this concept led Ksenia to develop comprehensive Online Classes and technical Hands On Master Classes around the world. Students are able to study in any country, at any time, starting from “Beginner” level.

Ksenia has succeeded in and continues to work on various projects:

– Worldwide Online Classes and Extensive Student Network communication.

– International Hands On Master Class Instructor, in countries such as Spain, Portugal, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Thailand, India, Mexico, and Russia.

– Continuous Hands On Master Classes at her headquarters in Vancouver, Canada.

– Collaboration with Italy’s Silikomart and release of two signature silicone moulds GEMMA and Mini-GEMMA.

– Launched signature brand of Haute [ōt] Food Colors, featuring a full range of both water soluble and oil soluble colors.

– Launched Haute [ōt] Online Pastry Shop. Presenting Haute [ōt] Food Colors, premium & unique ingredients, cake silicone moulds, equipment for the professional and home kitchen.