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his story

“Personally, I develop a lot of theory, but I never think about it when paint.”

For me, the art of composition is based primarily on emotions and the imagination, which are both expressed freely, without being conditioned in any way. They are certainly pointed in the right direction by experience,by method, by a design approach and by theory, but in the moment when he creates, the artist thinks of nothing else but following his instinct.
Intuitions can come at any moment. “I have created new olfactory concepts thinking of unprecedented accords in all sorts of different times and places. When you compose, you tend to act rationally, to play by the ‘canonical’ rules of composition, so to use the raw materials in conventional combinations and dosages, but creating sometimes – if not always – means stepping away from the beaten track and trying to expand your horizons, making original, unconventional use of certain components. What may look risky, exaggerated and implausible could offer us as an unexpected result exactly what we should always aim for: balance and harmony”.