Andrea CasottiCEO

    Two souls have always cohabited in me: they are verve and method, art and study. A degree in engineering enabled me to channel my concentration and commitment into a field of study that I find highly stimulating and gratifying. At the same time, I have kept my great passion – my love of art – quite unsullied. A laboratory of fragrances is a place where art and engineering have the opportunity to blend together: in fact, I am now the CEO of CFF, Italy’s youngest and most important fragrance house.
    My days are made up of numbers, of meetings with fantastic people, of tales worth telling and of intuitions just begging to be translated into formulae with olfactory ink. I run the factory of my passions and have the greatest job in the world.


    More than two years have now passed since I created The House of Oud, to give me the chance to tell new stories and set a seal on my passion for beauty, for raw materials, for places that deserve to be explored, so as to be able to talk about life and the moments that have made the greatest impressions on me. To follow up on this great adventure, I have now set my sights in a new direction, towards THoO, cross-fertilising between what involves me most: styles (all of them), painting and art. The aim is to make my progress even more multilateral and olfactory creations even more interesting. THoO is the book where I love to wander, enjoying all the elements of life that give me new creative stimuli.
    I believe that knowing how to do, combined with great passion, is the key, as Pearl S. Buck put it: “The secret of joy in work is contained in one word-excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.”

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