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UP TO THE MOON – An olfactive creation by THoO

Moon give me wings so that I can fly


hat if the moon could make all our wishes come true? What would you ask?

The night whispers an intriguing story and the moon accompanies us on this new journey, through music, theatre, art, gesturality and emotions, involving us so that together we may write a new work.

We trust in the new fragrance by THoO Up to the Moon to discover the high, full bodied notes of the Soprano Nino Machaidze, one of the most outstanding talents on the international scene, who together with the Perfumers Carlo Ribero and Cristian Calabrò have magnificently transcribed the vibrant emotions of her voice, merging all the protagonist’s skill and energy in a single chord. A new olfactory script by THoO, a powerful and bewitching fragrance which strikes and connects, like the acute notes of the Soprano. A sunny woman, a world-famous professional, a muse for our Master Perfumers, for a voice as sweet as the song of the nightingale.

up to the moon oud perfume

TOP: Fiorentine Iris, Blackcurrant, Pink Grapefruit, Neroli, Pear Breeze (captive)
HEART: Damask Rose, Jasminum Sambac, Magnolia
BASE: Absolute Raspberry, Absolute Ambrette, Amber, Mysore Sandal India, Madagascar Vanilla (CO2), Fruity Musks
OLFACTORY FAMILY: Enchanted Fruity
NOSE: Cristian Calabrò, Carlo Ribero

Liquid art, genius and flair for a new cross-fertilization, collaborations which once more mark the desire of THoO, our idea of artistic perfumery, to immerse ourselves in the talent of others.

Elegant and majestic like a soprano on the most important of stages, just before their best ever opera performance.

“I have always roused special sentiments through my voice. Thanks to THoO I have managed to convey great emotions with a fragrance, Up to the Moon. Moving from one essence to another, love, glee, happiness and all those sensations which make you feel over the moon, are able to find each other again! It was a unique experience.” – Nino Machaidze, Soprano

nino machadize soprano

This composition describes the generously nuanced voice of Nino: beautiful, sensual, determined and charismatic. The raspberry note emphasizes her vitality and the exclusive captive Pear Breeze adds a persistent fruitiness. Amber, Ambrette and Vanilla make the base sublime, for a long-standing ovation.

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